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Getting your kids in your class wiki

Can you:

  • Make a new space?
  • Invite someone?
  • Add pages?
  • Upload a file?
  • Upload a photo?
  • Upload a video?
  • Start a discussion thread?

Setting some context:

  • Did You Know? Let's watch the following!

Setting some more context:

  • I know a lot about the class of 1989, but what do any of us really know about the class of 2011?

Check out the links below.

Link to Eduwikius

Another useful link, Educationalwikis

I like the Voki feature. I am thinking about using that to remind students about homeork assignments so they have it both in writing and in auditory form.

An EduWikiTorial

This site doesn't let you get out of it once you're in. That's fine if you have a base level of understanding and can figure that out, but I was lost. Without an instructor to explain that, I would have been trapped in cyber space.

Add voice to your wiki! Try evoca

Add PowerPoints by using Slideshare