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What is it?

A Brave New Sharing

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The Playground

Get dirty! And start playing around with these resources.
  • BeFunky - create an avatar that looks like you...b/c you've uploaded a picture of yourself!
  • Draw & Share Diagrams on the web...and stop spending money on Inspiration.
  • Rules & Regulations for Podcasting...since you know you want to Podcast, but you also respect the law
  • Blogging Policies - Thanks to Grandview Library for providing some clear expectations for successful blogging. Great for students of all ages!
  • Podcasting Resources - a voluminous one-stop shop for lots of great tips, tricks, and ideas for podcasting (thanks, Jim Gates)
  • Make Your Own Sign Generator - Kudos to the people behind this site, for not naming themselves a 'hip web2.0 term devoid of a much-needed vowel' (see Flickr, Empressr, and Jennaphr Frederick)
  • Geni - A free family-tree app. But every family member added can help to add to your family's story. Upload photos, discuss family highlights (or low-lights, like that Thanksgiving dinner from a few years ago!), maintain a family calendar, and allow your entire family to add to the tree!

  • Teacher Tube, videos for teachers, by teachers, or by others thinking their videos are good for teachers.

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Here's a wiki where CFF teachers can share and collaborate for managing and running a CFF classroom.

What makes CFF so special?

  • CFF computers are designed to stay in the classrooms and teachers are in control of their use during the class period.
  • CFF program was designed from lessons learned from other 1:1 programs throughout the country and world.
  • The focus is on developing good instructional practices, providing support and ensuring that computers will not be abused by students. - students are supervised and guided through learning activities.
  • When lesson plans call for students to make use of the internet, their viewing is additionally restricted at the school in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.
  • Teachers at Classrooms for the Future sites are provided with intensive professional development to help them integrate the technology into their teaching to make learning experiences for students engaging and memorable.
  • Professional development consists of on-line courses promoting active and technology-rich learning; face-to-face workshops in how to use computers and electronic white boards; and, most importantly, a part-time instructional technology coach to help teachers create lessons that fully utilize the technology and keep students on track.
  • Classrooms for the Future is not about replacing traditional teaching methods with educational software, which research has shown to have little to no impact on efforts to increase student achievement. Rather, the professional development helps teachers leverage technology to enhance and extend their instructional practices.
  • For students, the technology is a tool to help them master, create and connect learning across disciplines and topics.
  • Technology integration, done right, is critical to transforming our schools for the 21st century. We are confident that Classrooms for the Future is such a program (Courtesy of Holly Jobe, PDE)

CFF @ Springfield

Here is a sampling of some of the new instructional practices utilized thanks to Classrooms for the Future:
  • Honors US History2 Cold War Movie Trailers (to be posted soon!)
  • English 12 House of Tragedy wiki