You must, must, MUST review with your students about what is and is not appropriate in an online community. What you would not tolerate in class must carry over to the wiki.

Students use web2.0 tools more for recreation and socialization, so they must learn to conduct themselves in an ethically and socially responsible manner.

Empower your students to develop a 'Wiki Code of Conduct' (or blogging code, etc...). And hold them to it. And have them hold one another to it!

Practical information for getting a wiki up and running in your class.

  1. Since work on a wiki involves expressing ideas in settings with authentic audiences, be sure to fill out a project summary sheet and share it with your student's parents.
  2. Many students already have an email account, but have students create an email account that uses their name. steve.gorrilaberg@gmail instead of hockeyphanatic@gmail. Whenever you assign them to set up an email account, give them one week to get this task completed, but remind them every day as part of their homework package (if you assign homework).
  3. Find out if students already have a wikispace username. If so, you can invite them to join your space without using their email.
  4. In an attempt to value authorship as well as preserve identity, all students should create usernames that are based on their name, but do not use full names. Use Steveg instead of Stevegorrilaberg.
  5. When you invite students, some may say they did not receive the email invite. Ask them if they checked their 'spam' or 'junk mail' folder as sometimes some email hosts send some messages to those folders.
  6. You will need to check in on your wiki daily once you send out invitations because you will have to accept your students as members, Inviting them gives them the option to join, but you still have to accept their request to join.
  7. Urge students to create an avatar that serves as their digital representation of self. The dream avatar creator is one that is simple and full of options..

  • If a student still has not received an email invite, arrange to sign the student up with the student. Meet him before school and go through the steps together.
  • Additionally, some email clients are more receptive and fast-acting than others. I recommend that students set up an email account with gmail as this tends to just be better than others.