A collection of student video and podcasts, ranging from vocabulary podcasts to math concept videos.

9th - 12th graders create their own podcast program, "Wildlife Be Safe", to promote awareness and conservation efforts for endangered animals:

Hear all "Wildlife Be Safe" podcasts here!
Once a PowerPoint project, the use of podcasting really allowed these students to focus on their written communication skills as well as their awareness of audience.

Transfer students create their own 'Voice Thread' about life at Springfield:
Click on the picture to access the site:
Still a work in progress, but an open forum for new students to continually discuss the areas of the school that are important and meaningful to them. Using this Web2.0 tool provides a platform for collaboration and communication. Additionally, digital storytelling affords students an opportunity to share their unique perspectives in a safe, open environment.

10th graders create their own 'Non-Violent Resistance in Plain English' videos:

Creating meaningful, useful, and even entertaining content for a global audience raised student levels of engagement and achievement during this unit of study. Students focused on the conventions of the writing process throughout scripting, well aware that clarity and organization were instrumental in their overall success.

11th grader create their own 'movie trailers', exploring the history and themes of the Cold War:

A culminating project that included research, annotations, and a formal presentation, the Cold War Movie Trailer project focused on student-driven inquiry, decision-making, analysis, and digital storytelling.

Here's an assignment sheet for a movie trailer assignment for Ayn Rand's Anthem: